“My biggest pain was trying to follow a thread through multiple log files.”

Here's a better way to view structured text files.

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What is it?

Log File Robot is a desktop application for viewing log files. Drop a text file onto it and see the contents displayed like a spreadsheet. Count, find, highlight and filter on strings or regexes. Query using SQL. Export to a CSV file.

Why use it?

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Who am I?

A photo of Anthony Hay - a middle-aged man with a big nose and the sun in his eyes.

Hi! My name is Anthony Hay and I'm a computer programmer.

At Digital Research I wrote BIOSes, GEM device drivers and DR DOS command line utilities and at Centennial Software I wrote the cross-platform client agent that ran on millions of Windows, OS X, Linux and Unix computers. I've looked at many log files.

“Anthony developed some great software during his time at Centennial.” - John Spinks, CTO, Centennial Software
“Anthony was an important part of the small world-class software team that created DR DOS. He is an outstanding software engineer who produces code of the very highest quality.” - Howard Kornstein, Director of Marketing Europe, Digital Research

Now I'm working on Log File Robot in the beautiful county of Wiltshire, England.

Have questions?

Email: ant@logfilerobot.com

Twitter: @LogFileRobot